Biometrics and Digital Identity

Building a World of Inclusiveness, Transparency & Instant Trust

Without secure identities, we are vulnerable to more fraud, crime and discrimination.

Leveraging the core expertise in biometrics and digital identity solutions, our offerings of secure solutions, integration and management services support governments in organizing successful elections and improving civil identification, as well as, enabling organizations to deliver a higher standard of trust in payments and data protection for their customers.

Our tools give organizations the power to accelerate digital transformation with trust products, services, and technology.

Enabling Governments to Empower Citizens

Our Biometrics and Digital Identity services are helping governments around the world create more inclusive, transparent economies while providing citizens safer, faster and more reliable ways to gain access to government, private sector and commercial services.

Leverage the power of Biometrics to Conduct Secure Elections

Bluesky Teknologies provides biometrics and digital identity services to help make your elections more secure, accurate, efficient, and transparent.

Using computer-vision technology and biometric data encryption techniques, we support multi-biometric verifications that allow voters to authenticate themselves at the polling stations with a fingerprint (Voter ID), face recognition, iris, or voiceprint in a highly secure system.

When you combine these technologies with our proven user interfaces, you have a solution that is simple and easy-to-use on Election Day.

We'll work seamlessly with your team to ensure you meet the compliance standards specific to your country of operation.

Empower Citizens With Secure Identification

We create an inclusive economy by helping governments solve their most complex identity problems. Our ID management system provides digital identity services and a wide range of biometric verification and identity cards.

Citizen Empowerment through Seamless & Secure Access to Public Services

Bluesky Teknologies Specializes in providing biometrics identity management, authentication technology, and citizen enrolment & issuance management tools for the public sector.

Our approach helps improve the citizen experience, drive operational efficiencies, maximize security and enable compliance – transforming public services with purpose-built solutions.

Enforce Your Nation's Security By Securing National Borders

Day and night, the world's borders are under attack. Terrorists and smugglers find new ways to infiltrate your country, bringing threats and drugs into cities that are intended to destroy national security.

Biometric passports, digital identity and fingerprint sensors allow government agencies to strengthen borders, control entries and physically track individuals throughout large facilities in real-time.

Our Boarder Management Visualization Solution gives management access to events and activity taking place across their border facilities.