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We make digital transformation a reality to businesses across the globe enabling them to evolve and adapt to growing market requirements at every level

Complete ERP Suite For Business Process Automation

Gain complete control over your business with knowledge of what is happening, "when, where and how "in Real-time , modernise and simplify your daily operations, scale production to meet growing demands, make Data-informed decisions, attain operational efficiency and stay ahead of the curve.

Leader in Work Place Innovation and Modernization

We use innovative and disruptive technologies to provide digital transformation solutions to businesses across the globe, from digital workplaces with optimized operations to work from home solutions,
e-learning, mobility solutions for field staffs and more...


Bluesky Teknologies leverage cutting edge and emerging technologies to enable Businesses, Organizations and Government Agencies to Modernize and improve their operations, Increase performance, scale productivity, achieve greater impact and stay ahead of the curve. 

Leader in Workplace Innovation and Mordernization

We Harness the Power of Technology to Invent, design and Build Innovative Solutions that;

Empower the Government

Having a Data-Driven Government system in any Nation promotes informed decision-making, faster Government response during crisis and emergencies, formulation of good policies, better Citizen engagement, Economic Growth and Development.

Reinvent Businesses

A digital workplace where all business processes are automated, where work can be done in remote locations, where operations are paperless ,where all records are automatically updated, where manufacturing is “industry 4.0 standard”, where all business reports and results are viewed in Real-time and where all decisions made are Data-Driven.

Redefine Health Systems

As the world faces the COVID-19 Pandemic, Health is now the top priority of all Nations. While we learn from this, we are disrupting the health system with digital products and solutions that automate and optimize health operations enabling health institutions in the entire health industry around the world to quickly address the problem while embracing this systems in preparation against future issues like this

Transform Educational Systems

A full stack educational technology from K-12 ED Tech to automated higher education systems, enabling institutions to provide e-Learning, Virtual Science Laboratories, School Administrative Process Management, Student information System, Learning Management etc., all working together to provide better educational services and high learning impact to students.

Empower Workers

Technology should not be a catalyst for unemployment but rather a tool to increase employee performance.

Foster Economic Growth

As the digital economy emerges, we seek to make it profitable and available for all. In light of this, we build products and solutions that provide opportunities to economies, businesses and organizations in underdeveloped areas of the world to access, trade, compete, grow and scale in this new economy.

Our Core Capabilities

We build our solutions based on human centered design and user experience (UX)



Automate and Streamline your Business Operations With Our ERP Software Solutions

Our ERP suite completely digitizes your workplace, enabling you to run your business in a modern fashion, beginning from paperless operations, automated workflows, intelligent analytics and real-time management information system (MIS) touching every sector of your business, from finance, HR, sales, inventory, you name it!

Bluesky Teknologies leader in workplace innovation and Modernization

Migrate your Business To the Web

Run your Business or Project Online With Our Custom Web Application Solutions

We develop  custom-tailored web applications that enable enterprises and organizations in different industries to run their business or project online, with capabilities of being accessed on any device be it mobile or desktop anywhere

Web Application Development

Data Driven Decision Making

We Enable Businesses to Make the Best and Most Profitable Decisions Through our Data Driven Solutions

We build data infrastructures and pipelines that gather business and organizational data  and integrate them with business intelligence tools like Power Bi and Tableau for analysis and decision making

Bluesky Teknologies Business Intelligence and Data analysis

Geographical Location is Not a barrier

Run your Business From Anywhere in the World

We leverage the power of technologies like internet of things (IoT), AI and PWA 's to enable our clients to run their business in remote locations, monitor field technicians, track delivery of goods and services, collaborate with colleagues in different geographical locations, work from home and run e-learning solutions in their institutions

e learning

Innovation Without Borders

Technology for Development (T4D).

We Provide Digital Products and Services that enable the Government, Non-Profit Organizations and Social Enterprises to Provide Solutions to the Emergent Social,Cultural and Environmental issues in our Society today

Innovation Without Borders

Emergency and Crisis Response Management Solutions.

We Have the Right tools to rapidly build custom solutions tailored to assist Business in different industries, Non-Profit organizations and Government Agencies in properly addressing crisis situations at the right time and method mitigating losses or downtime.

Emergency Response Systems